About Hi-Jinx Shiba Inu

Hi-Jinx Shiba Inu was established in 1991 after we acquired our first Shiba Inu. We had spent the previous eighteen years exhibiting the beautiful Keeshond a breed of dog from the Netherlands.  This breeding program resulted in over fifty AKC titleholders.

Our new little Shiba Inu, who became SCA Ch. Foxtrot Cinnamon Toast, Tang was a much loved and delightful companion and led us on a challenging journey.  Our goal: to retain in our bloodline the unique type and temperament which is characteristic of the Shiba Inu’s origin as developed in its home country of Japan.

By using some of the best bloodlines from my Japanese imports and American Shibas we established a healthy and beautiful family of dogs that have become well known for their sound temperaments and oriental  charm.

We are the breeder of multiple Nippo USA and AKC conformation show champions but we also have rally, obedience, agility and barn hunt titles  as well as Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy Dogs titles from our litters.  I have served the National Shiba Club of America as Vice-President, on the board of directors, as a committee member and the breed columnist for the AKC Gazette for many years.

Our goal is to preserve and develop the bloodline of the Shiba Inu in America.  Our mission is to continue to breed excellent show dogs for ourself and beautiful healthy pets for families from those pups we choose to let go.

Although our dogs are not “kennel” dogs, each has a clean and roomy kennel pen for their own safety and well-being when not indoors with us or while roaming in the “Shiba Habitat” an acre of fenced woodland.

Hi-Jinx Shiba Inu Kennel is the proud Recipient of the AKC’s gold medallion  for recognition of our contribution to the sport  of purebred dogs as the breeder-owner-handler of ten plus (now 16) Shiba Inu championships finished from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class.