Adult Shibas available to approved homes


  WE occasionally have adult dogs available.  They may be retired show dogs, adults that didn’t work out   for our breeding program or one that is returned to us due to unfortunate circumstances in its home.  Our dream for them is to have their own home without having to constantly share the spotlight with the youngsters we keep to carry on our lineage.  As the life span of a Shiba is 15-17 years these adult dogs have a long life ahead of them to share and give joy to new families.  We care for these dogs very much and will place them only in homes that we feel will make them very happy.  We do not ship so please don’t ask. 

                                            Adults available at this time.

Lovely two year old female and a seven year old male.  Both are full of energy, and would make great companions as they have much love to give and would thrive on individual attention.  They will not be placed in the same home, however so please don’t ask. To get more information and learn about these great Shibas contact Pam Crowley at