Puppies from Hi-Jinx Shibas, our family treasures


We will not have puppies available until spring of 2020.  Please check out the kennels listed below.

Hi-Jinx Shiba Inu Kennel is a small private breeder in Wisconsin of quality Shiba Inus.

We have litters occasionally as we breed to enhance our bloodline, to get our next show pup.

Contact information is at: hi_jinx@itis.com for our next available litter.  We do not ship our pups so a visit to our home must be arranged when pups are available . 

All non-show potential pups will be sold on spay/neuter agreements to approved homes.  Prices vary.

Please answer the questions on this Questions.doc and return it to us at hi_jinx@itis.com or email if you are interested in being considered for one of our puppies.  

We will not have pups until fall.

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Reputable breeder friends in my area - Contact:

  1. Bullet J-Ann’s Shibas j_ann_shibas@hotmail.com has creams available as of Nov 3, 19.

  2. Bullet Kokuryuu Shibas at pamc300@gmail.com 

  3. BulletShoeishibas fourrunner21@yahoo.com  has red female available as of Nov 3, 19.

  4. BulletTobishi Kennels http://www.tobishikennels.com/index.html

  5. BulletYori Green   yorigreen@gmail.com