Developing a bloodline requires basic genetic knowledge, pedigree study of ancestors, experimentation with matings to learn how well bloodlines complement each other and the time to grow-up puppies from litters to evaluate their potential.  This brings responsibility to the breeder in upholding the integrity of the breed through health checks and knowledgeable matches with each pair of Shibas mated.

To enhance our ‘line’ we have imported  some exceptional dogs, ones we felt would bring strength to our American-bred bloodline.   Of our import Shibas shown on this page , a few were selected to stay and contribute their qualities to the gene-pool and the rest have been adopted into pet homes.  We are forever grateful for their breeders for allowing us to bring them to the USA.


Kazakoshi No Fumi Go Yokohama Atsumi


Japan - Female

Breeder: Nobuo Atsumi